Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow 197 days is a long time. Kinda hard to believe that it's been that long but I guess we have done a fair bit.

After being here for 5 months we really do feel like we're two Australian's living in Canada. We feel very settled here but in a bit over two weeks time, we'll be back on holidays and off to Europe for the second leg of our trip. We're pretty excited especially as it means not working any more.

We've had another visitor since the last post. Nathan Humphris was here on his way to a Heli-boarding trip. His visit was a lot of fun. Tom took a day off work to go impulse shopping with him, we went to the local hockey one night (yes there was a fight), and we even went out for a night on the town- lots of dancing, drinking and then some donuts from the 7-Eleven on the way home. 

Tomorrow we catch the ferry over to Vancouver Island so watch this space for a few photos and a short, slightly sarcastic account of what happened.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

No, this blog isn't broken, it's just that we haven't updated it for freakin ages. Well here's a special double dose for yawl. Let's go right back to the end of the last blog.

Our New Years Eve was nice. Quiet but hey, we've already seen well over 25 years come and go. You can't expect every year to feel like you're living a Prince song. Anyways, we had a nice dinner and wine and watched everyone else's fireworks from our balcony. 

2008 has seen us working full time but this has been punctuated by visits from various members of the Hutchinson family. Emma (Adelaide) for a few days in mid January, Mark and Mandy (Adelaide/Boulder, Colorado) for the Australia Day weekend and Drew (Auckland) on his way home from a skiing holiday in Whistler. It was a pleasure having all of these people. Our Vancouver tour generally revolves around food but we did manage to show our guests some of the other features of the city as well (our different modes of public transport, homeless people, trees and rain).

Whilst we're on the weather, it feels like it's been getting better. We had another lot of snow but we've also enjoyed some sunny days (I took a photo to prove it). Great for skateboarding so long as your board doesn't fly off the park into the snow.

Last night we went to the monster trucks. Now we know what white people do on the weekends. We're white, so we had fun.