Tuesday, June 10, 2008

300 days away and 5 days until we're home. We've seen a lot since the last blog. Here's a few things that come to mind:

-Berlin was great. Tanya was a great host and we spent quite a bit of our time walking- around 55km in the three days that we were there. In retrospect we realise we could have easily hired a bike.

-A brief stay back in London with Kent and Sara was nice. More Top Shop, more records, more good food.

-Shanghai was our introduction to China. The place is incomprehensibly big. It's smoggy, hot and there are a lot of asian people. Again we spent quite a bit of time walking, although we also made use of the almost free public transport system. Not sure what else to say about Shanghai. It's quite overwhelming.

-Beijing is our favourite city in Asia. A lot of it probably has to do with out hosts, PJ and Michelle. Other things we love about Beijing include great shopping, the food, the weather (when the sun isn't hidden by smog) and the fact that everything is so freakin' cheap. There's so much construction, so many people, so many massages to be had. It's great. Very much worth the 6 hours we spent lining up in London to get our Chinese Visas.

-In total contrast to the what-you-see-is what-you-get atmosphere of China, our brief stay in Tokyo was quite intense. Crazy place, crazy people. But I guess if we'd spent 14 hours of the day at school, six days a week from the age of 2, we'd probably spend our Sunday shopping, dressed up like Little Bo Peep too. Thanks Belinda for the bed and for introducing us to Loft.