Friday, September 28, 2007

Well  it's been a long time between drinks. 

After spending a few more days exploring Dallas and Fort Worth, we flew to Mexico City- home to 26 million people, 20 million of which seem to be selling stuff from roadside stalls. 

Mexico city is very decentralised and has a number of districts all linked by sketchy roads above ground and a ridiculously cheap train system underground. Our hotel was located just behind the city's main public square- something like Red Square but in central America and surrounded by an old palace, some government buildings and a couple of Spanish Gothic Cathedrals. 

We also went on a tour of Teotihuacan- an archeological site 50km out of Mexico city and the site of Mesoamerica's largest ancient city. We climbed the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon and some other pyramids. It was pretty cool but the history is very complex. If you wanna know details, read a book about it. We actually went to the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia e Historia where we were guided through the past 600 million years of Mexican history. By the end it felt like we had lived every minute of it. (The Spanish bit of Mexican history is really annoying especially when you consider how they killed all the native people and tore down their temples and stuff)

We were very careful about what we ate and drank but we still both ended up with upset stomachs. Karen's still yet to retain a meal and her breath smells like acetone. It's OK though, we're back in Dallas and sorting stuff out. Jenni and John have been great.

Sorry that was so long, it's just that a lot happened.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our last weekend in Boulder was very busy. We spent Saturday on the Mark & Mandy Tour™ of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. That was a lot of fun. We saw Tundra, elk, a marmot and a warble. (we didn't really see a warble. That's just a word we made up cos all the others sound like they're made up words)

On Saturday night, 53000 people went to a college football game and so we decided to go too. The home team lost however their enthusiasm was probably about ten times that of an AFL team crowd on grand final day. A little bit scary really- especially considering they only scored one touchdown. After 1 hour of game time and three hours of who knows what, all 53004 people went home to bed. 

Sunday was out last day in Boulder and Monday was real sad as we had to say 'Thankyou!" and "Seeya later!" to Mark and Mandy. 

This blog is being posted in Dallas where we're staying with our friends Jenni and John. John's a local and Jenni's an Adelaide girl. Jenni was born on the 18th of September. Happy Birthday Jenni! 

Today we went to check out downtown Dallas. It´s a pretty run of the mill US city except for the morbidly obese preachers that evangelise on the public transport system, the custom made cowboy boot stores and the infamous grassy knolls/sixth floor windows. 

Wow, that was the longest post ever. 

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's bin a while since our last post but that's cos we've bin taking it real easy- watching bad cable, sleeping in, just kicking around- it sure is hard not having jobs. We've continued to enjoy our time with Mark and Mandy- lots of talking and beers and adventures to Costco and into the mountains. 

Another trip to Denver saw Tom sprain his ankle skateboarding but that's just meant that he's spent more time making making remixes of bad eighties songs. Karen has also spent a good amount of time on her hobbies. She's been busy reading, jogging and transferring the holiday budget to a new software application on the MacBook Pro. Sometimes it's hard only having one computer between us.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Denver is about 20 minutes or so from Boulder and today we drove there to check it out. It's a pretty nice city with a super long mall, the biggest skatepark I've ever seen and a Daniel Libeskind art gallery. There's also a lot of modern public sculpture- mainly really big things but not crap big things like that big koala on the way to Melbourne or the big lobster- we're talking Claus Oldenberg big things.

Now it's the weekend. Yep.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We're not really in the habit of writing about the photos we post but in this case we want you to take time to especially appreciate these images taken from the mountains near Boulder as it was a fair bit of work to get up this high to take them. Karen found it hard to breathe most of the time, Tom almost threw up and still has a headache and it rained on the way up. Other than that it was beautiful and we're glad (?) we did it.

Exhaustion aside, the last two days have been great. We spent a bit of time looking around the malls here and found a record shop and a skate park and a Haagen-Dazs and a gym. A nice place to call home for the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for all your comments everyone. We're doing our best to write some kind of response to what you've all written so check back cos we might've written something back to you. 

Monday, September 3, 2007

We're finally in Boulder where we will stay with good friends Mark and Mandy for a bit over two weeks. Nice to unpack for a while (if you're Karen) and great to have a good amount of time to make a mess (if you're Tom). 

Today we went to a Labor Day Holiday fair thing. There were lots of hippie like people there as well as children under five rock climbing.

Boulder is a beautiful, laid back college town located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The weather's real nice at the moment, the scenery is breath-taking, there's lots of excercisey things to do, fresh food is easy to get hold of and you get drunk real quick due to the high altitude. What a wonderful place.