Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We've both been pretty busy working (which is why this blog has been a little slow of late) but this last weekend we headed up to Whistler for Karen's work Christmas show. We caught the Greyhound bus up there which proved to be quite a bit less seedy than our experience of the US Greyhound service. For Tom it was very exciting due to the fact that he had never visited an alpine region before. 

After a 2 hour journey, we arrived in Whistler and for Tom at least, the concept of cold was redefined.

The accommodation and the dinner were both at the Fairmont (very nice resort) and it was all paid for by Asentus which made it even more enjoyable. The two days gave us a great chance to look around the mountain. A quarter-hour gondola ride down the mountain with a group of 8 five year old ski-school kids and their instructor was particularly entertaining.

Oh and it was Tom's birthday last Friday (23rd) and he had to work but we went out to some Buddhist restaurant for lunch and after work we went to an almost uncomfortably uber cool warehouse party for some beers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's official. We both have jobs. Karen has decided to take the job offered to her by the place she was temping at. The work involves project management stuff and is for a company that trains people in Microsoft applications  (web management kinda stuff). Thankfully she's getting paid better than when she was working as a temp but it seems like she'll be working quite a bit harder too. 

Tom got the job at the clothes shop however his day starts at 7am and his salary is equivalent to what a 14 year old would get paid working at KFC in Australia. The 40% staff discount does soften the blow a little but that's still pretty freakin early. Thanks so much to all the people who provided references for us.

The other day we walked to the beach which is near the University of British Columbia. We our left our apartment at noon and arrived just as the sun was setting. It was a long walk but a beautiful day with a stop at the cupcake shop on the way. 

And by the way, I got the Nova stuff wrong. Track Team's on from 7-8pm every Saturday. Check www.nova919.com.au under shows if you don't believe me.