Monday, March 3, 2008

Vancouver Island was very relaxing but I guess it'd wanna be really given it was a holiday within a holiday. Victoria is a beautiful city- quite similar to Adelaide in terms of its size and atmosphere. We did touristy stuff which served as a handy reminder that we are not touristy people. The trip also served as a good reminder of what it will be like to travel again. Handy.

Some other stuff that's happened:
-Today we sent home 35kg of stuff home with Nath
-Karen has the flu
-Thanks to Nick & Linda we are uncle and aunt (again) to a new little nephew- Kurtis James Hunt
-We have strawberry cheesecake icecream
-Tom bought another pair of shoes 

For now, the end.


Andrea said...

Hey! Two new posts since I last checked - excellent, party time! I'm in the process of unpacking a LOT of boxes, I think downsizing will be a little tricky, have already made one trip to IKEA and no doubt there'll be more coming :-) Hope you enjoy your last little while of being Australians living in Canada & don't feel too sad to be leaving... but hey - Europe is just around the corner! Whoohoo!

Unity said...

Hi- I can't believe you have been in Canada for 5mths. Glad you have finally seen Vancouver Is. will look forward to hearing more about it when we see you. Tom what are you going to do with all your shoes? We are bringing a new case-a smaller one on wheels (carry-on) to hopefully fit in some of your stuff.
See you in Rome on 19th.