Sunday, April 20, 2008

As you can see, we're moving around a fair bit now which has been great but it has definitely been more tiring as well. Here's the rundown:

We really loved this city. It reminded us of Melbourne. We stayed just around the corner from the contemporary art museum which also proved to be the busiest skate spot in the city and there was a childcare playground outside our window which proved more interesting than the 115 episodes of "The Wonder Years" that Tom has on his iPod. One thing that does suck about Barcelona is all the smokers- inside, outside, walking, standing still, eating, drinking, talking, the old, the young, day time, night time- it's always the right time for a smoke in Barcelona.

Of course this was a pilgrimage to Frank Gehry's city changing art museum but we weren't expecting such a modern and refreshingly green city. The museum was big and everything that we expected- this includes the art collection which took us back to the rather generic US contemporary art galleries but that's fine. We like pop art and abstract expressionism. In this area of Spain, they speak a very old language that no one else understands. It looks like this: vxhueal gvxekk seauxkedw.

Thank goodness we are finally back in a city with a multicultural choice in cuisine. Paris is busy. Lots to see and do and walk to and some very specific mens fragrances to track down. We are staying at Philip and Julien's home at the moment but tomorrow we head to an old boardrider friend's (Berenice) house which is also in Paris. 

Well, enjoy the photos and the fact that they have people in them but don't get used too used to it.


Mandy said...

Thanks for the update of my favourite blog! It's great to hear what you've been up to and to even see a pic of both of you!
Keep enjoying :-)
Love Mandy

jemma said...

hey guys, it is important that I actually write to you before you get back home! I was at Linda and Noodle's a week or so ago when Tom called which prompted me to hurry up. Last night, Carsy and I were talking about our 2 months in India which was Nov06-jan07 and it really made my body tingle with the excitement of travel adventures. Now that I've read about all your travels, I feel that even more. To me, even the bad stuff about travel is good. Your Italy photos reminded me of my trip there which at the time was a total spin out - it was my 1st venture anywhere other than Bali and I was in shock for all 3 days in Rome that I was actually there! I felt like it was a dream.
Before I sign off, I'll leave you with some recent highlights of mine:
*performing a tap dance with my nan at her 70th birthday party to the song 'One" from A Chorus Line
*watching the entire five seasons of Six Feet Under in a little over a month
*reading two books in the past two weeks - both memoirs - after several months of starting and not finishing several books
*properly learning the story of Gandhi's life and death
*3 days in Middleton over Anzac Day weekend, staying right on the beach in a true holiday shack with a log fire.
happy travels
Jem x

Andrea said...

Love the red and white Tshirt shot! Keep enjoying the big life in the big wide world!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrea- great red and white tshirt shot...that must have been you Kaz!? Nice one. So nice to see you and hear you in these amazing parts of the world. Sarah